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Notre vision 🤝 🌍 🎗️

Il y a bientôt 4 ans, est née de notre volonté de répondre à 2 enjeux majeurs : le fort besoin de financement des entreprises à impact social et environnemental positif et le manque de transparence et de sens des investissements qui sont proposés au grand public.

Notre mission 🎯 💸 🚀

Notre mission est de participer activement et efficacement à réduire les inégalités sociales et environnementales dans le monde en offrant à tous l'opportunité d'investir dans des entreprises à fort impact positif. C'est pourquoi nous offrons la possibilité à chacun de se constituer un portefeuille 100% responsable, 100% transparent & 100% en ligne.

Notre équipe 👍🏻 👍🏽 👍🏾

Menée par les fondateurs Eva (CEO) et Julien (COO), est une équipe engagée de 30 personnes qui croit profondément en son projet. Au delà de la France, nous sommes également présents en Belgique depuis octobre 2017; plus récemment en Italie et très prochainement dans d'autres pays d'Europe !

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Our vision 🤝 🌍 🎗️

Four years ago, was born out of our desire to respond to two major issues, namely the strong need for financing companies with positive social and environmental impact, as well as the lack of transparency and meaning in investments that are offered.

Our mission 🎯 💸 🚀

Our mission is to participate actively and effectively in reducing social and environmental inequalities in the world by offering everyone the opportunity to invest in companies with a positive impact on our society. That's why we offer people the ability to build a 100% responsible, 100% transparent and 100% online portfolio.

Our team 👍🏻 👍🏽 👍🏾

Led by founders Eva (CEO) and Julien (COO), is a dynamic team of 30 employees that believes deeply in its project. Beyond France, we are also present in Belgium since last fall, recently in Italy and very soon in other European countries!

Job Description

We are looking for a dynamic and passionate person to join our team of four people in Brussels (Arts-Loi) and 25 people internationally. The position consists out of the following main responsibilities:

  • Manage a portfolio of investors on the platform;
  • Guide investors through their registration and investment on the platform;
  • Manage customer service channels (phone, online chat and email);
  • Help the investor relations manager define a Go To Market strategy and create qualified target account lists;
  • Help to organize events to promote and the projects that are fundraising on the platform;

Preferred Experience

We’re looking for someone (F/M) who

  • Has relevant experience in sales;
  • Is fluent in French, both written and oral, with a good understanding of English (Dutch is a plus);
  • Is a team player who can also work autonomously;
  • Has experience in, or is curious about, corporate financing, impact investing and social start-ups;
  • Experience / background in marketing/communication is a plus.

Recruitment Process

Send your CV and cover letter in English to

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (6 month(s))
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium (1000)